Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS) and Folding Box Board (FBB) are both popular materials used for packaging and printing applications.

SBS is a high-quality paperboard that is made from bleached chemical pulp, and it is known for its brightness, stiffness, and smoothness. It is often used for packaging products that require a premium look and feel, such as cosmetics, electronics, and luxury food items.

FBB, on the other hand, is a lower-cost paperboard that is made from a mixture of mechanical and chemical pulp. It is often used for folding cartons and other packaging applications that require a strong, lightweight material. FBB is also commonly used for printing applications such as brochures, flyers, and book covers.

When it comes to determining which one is best, it really depends on your specific needs and requirements.

If you need a premium packaging material that can help your products stand out on store shelves and convey a high-end look and feel, SBS may be the better option. However, if you need a strong, lightweight material for folding cartons and other packaging applications, FBB may be the more cost-effective option.

Ultimately, both SBS and FBB have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, and the best choice for your business will depend on factors such as your budget, the specific products you are packaging, and the printing or finishing processes you plan to use.